2007 Fusion Jazz (Wayne Studios UK) (Duet Wayne/Chambers) [Guitar+Drums)
2005 Instant Music - Live Guitar Solo
2002 JazzPot (Wayne Records – G.B.) (Solo)
2001 Standard Times for Standards 2 (Longsongs Music Ltd – G.B.)
(Same Trio)
2000 Heavy Steel of the 2000’s ( Trio with Derek Coleman [Acoustic-
Bass] Milford Chambers [Drums] ) I Remember Bill (Same Trio/ Wayne Records – G.B.)
1995 Live in Europe (Trio, 2nd Edition) (Longsongs Music Ltd G.B.) Solo Compilation (ZX - U.S.A.)
Film Music Compilation (Longsongs Music Ltd – G.B.)
1992 Express X (ZX - U.S.A.) (Trio)
Instant Music (Wayne Records – G.B.) (Solo)
1991 Heavy Metal of the 90’s (M.D.R.C. - U.S.A.) (Trio)
1990 Metal Rock (ZX - U.S.A.) (Quartet)
1987 Fairy Queen (ZX - U.S.A.) (Trio)
1986 Standards Again (ZX – U.S.A.) (Solo)
Live in Europe (ZX – U.S.A.) (Trio)
1984 Standard Times for Standards (ZX - U.S.A.) (Solo)
1981 Guitar Solo (ZX – U.S.A.) (Solo)
Broadway by Night (Celluloid, France) (Solo)
1980 Nostalgia (ZX - U.S.A.) (Solo)
1978 Superman (Warner Tamerlane, U.S.A.) (Paris Opera Orchestra)
Mexico (New Version) (Barclay, France) (Paris Opera Orchestra)
1974 Nunchaku (RCA - France) (Vocal)
Film Music for M.G.M. (U.S.A.) (British Symphonia Orchestra)
1968 Let’s Rock (Decca – G.B.) (Quintet) (Vocal)