A Few Events…

1978-79: John replaces Quincy Jones as an Arranger at Barclay Record Company (France)
1980: first Prize "Jazz Guitar Solo" (New York) Live Recording of Solo Album "Nostalgia"
1981: Release of Solo Album "Broadway By Night"
1982-84: 1st Prize "International Jazz Solo Guitarist" (New-York)
Festival Tours like "Montreux Festival" (Recorded Live)
Vienne Jazz Festival (France) etc.
1980 to 90: International Tours + Recordings
1991: A new Jazz Style :
Album « Heavy Metal Of The 90's » with his trio "STEELIX"
Compilation 76/85 Ten Years of Film Music
for Warner Bros-MGM-RCA-(U.S.A.) and Elstree Film Inc (G.B. and CANADA)
b) Compilation "Nostalgia 2" (Solo)
c) Compilation "Live In Europe" (Trio) + Grammy Awards
1996-1997: A Dozen of Grammy Awards. (U.S.A. / G.B.)
1998 to 2001: Nominated for the "Hall Of Fame" and entered in the "Legend" + Misc. Grammy Awards, Creation of 3 Trio Albums, including a new Style in one of them, now known as the "Heavy Steel Jazz".
2002: Release of solo Album "JazzPot" and recording of Solo Album "Instant Music".
2007: Fusion Jazz (Duet Guitar + Drums)