News (updated August 07th, 2007)
(It’s not the whatever o’clock news but here we are with the latest)

Amazing Multi Award Winning Solo Guitarist John Phil Wayne Strikes Again

The latest Album of Mr Thousand Hands “Jazz Fusion” (June 2006) is the most amazing guitar solo playing you’ll ever hear. Through years after showing his unic way of playing jazz guitar solo Mr Wayne has now gone into Jazz-Rock Guitar Solo or more exactly into Jazz Fusion. He put away his Gibson and Guild for a while to attack with a Fender Stratocaster some Jazz-Rock compositions combined with Melodic Funk and Latin style with a touch of Rock. However the last song of the Cd is a good shuffle one.

His guitar is tuned normally (EADGBE) except that this time he lowered the pitch of the 6th and 5th strings like a real Bass Guitar by means of an octaver (having different bass sounds without detuning the normal given pitch of the guitar) and the remaining four strings sound clean distortion with a long sustain thus enhancing the solos from the chords using intricate harmonies as usual. To resume: E & A one pitch lower and dgbe normal pitch.

Like done in the past he recorded in one go while playing simultaneously his solo lines, Rhythm Chordal Harmonies and Bass Lines without overdub, and there is no trick or gadget involved in this greatest ever guitar solo performance. John says: “In the past I was just using my Archtop Guitars without any pedal and if I am now using the Cosm System it’s just for the sound and as usual I play realtime and am still free to play my solos, accompaniments and bass parts as I feel, instantly.” I wish to point out for this new Album untitled “JAZZ FUSION” John has invited Drummer Milford Chambers who is playing a series of amazing wild beats as John (being a drummer himself) taught him the Art of playing simultaneously different pieces of his drum set together. Chambers plays on a Yamaha double 8-piece acoustic drum set enhance with the triggers DT10/DT20 and the two peace band sounds like seven without any overdub. In this updated website you will find some new photos shot on 21st April 2006 to the exception of the Heavy Metal one dated 1990. You will also see a Live Solo TV Video (G.B. January 2005), hear an MP3 from his solo album “JazzPot” (July 2002) and two titles in duet with drummer Milford Chambers from this new album “Jazz Fusion” (June 2006).

If among all the solo albums made in the past “JAZZPOT” was the most astonishing performance in guitar solo history regarding bass lines harmonies and solos simultaneously, “INSTANT MUSIC” (an amazing 10 improvisations Recorded live from a UK Jazz Festival) is the one containing the most complicated contemporary chords ever and “JAZZ FUSION ONE” will be the most stunning mix of guitar virtuosity together with bass guitar and rhythm virtuosity played simultaneously by one person. Before when he was playing his bass lines on an electric guitar tuned in EADGBE it was easy for him to manipulate his lines in the same area of each chords all along the neck but now even if the guitar is still tuned in EADGBE, the pitch of the E and A string is nevertheless lower with a realistic Fender Precision Bass Guitar or whatever bass sound making it impossible to go to the D string which sounds an octave higher having a Fender Stratocaster Guitar sound. So John plays bass only on the 5th and 6th strings and run continuously from top to bottom while playing his chords and solos on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings.

With this new album the JP Wayne Show is now going to draw a mixed crowd other than the usual suspects who typically show up for Jazz shows. However it’s good to know that in the past John who has performed at several Jazz Festivals has also performed Jazz Music at Rock Festivals.

After being awarded several times for his achievements John Phil Wayne has last year (2006) been elected “Man of the Year” in the States and has been nominated for induction into the “American Hall of Fame”.

Congratulations to John who also acted as a sound engineer on his latest album (as done on some other past albums) and thanks to his webmaster German (Fabulous) Guitarist Peter Autschbach who has introduced him to one of the most important Archtop event in Germany. Thanks to all supporters and fans of John Phil Wayne, Mr Sakia Bazan (P.A Sound Engineer who has sharp and balanced hearing with the ability to differentiate between sounds, timing and rhythm), secretary Hans Van Hooten, Keith McLean (Handyman, spokesman, Agent etc), Adrian White (one of the John McLaughlin’s Drummer who masterized Jazz Fusion) and his Press Officer.